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Since 1990 Maglificio Sofia is synonymous with professionalism, seriousness and competence.
A solid company in which the founders have moved their many years of experience in the fashion world, putting it at the service of important Italian designers and foreign companies that have entrusted to Maglificio Sofia the production of its clothing lines for men and women.
The decision to offer only as a producer on behalf of label gave reason to the management of the company which over the years has seen the consolidation of the position of Sofia in an increasingly competitive market. Japan, Germany and France are the countries in which the company develops the most substantial part of its business volume, while Italy accounts for 20% of total sales.



Each season we study the current and future trends for
everything about the knitting world and not only thanks to a team of people qualified and the use of essential tools such as search engines such as WGSN fashion.
Everything up to the creation of a our samples the largest and most can be differentiated from which to draw in order to increase your collection, or get inspired to create new leaders.


We can also follow the design of the first sample starting from your sketches or sketches with related measures. This is a work completely within the company from the first to the last step. In fact we have available:
– Programmers / Technicians knitwear
– Patternmakers
– Clothing Manufacturer
– Different models of knitting machines inside




We are researchers of the mesh, each piece is created and designed in every detail and we provide our know-how for the creation of unique and perfectly manicured.
Any changes effectively be carried out during the creation of the first part of the sample or possible emergency communications during production can be done with ease at any time as well as even phone via Mail or Skype.

Technical skills

All the production is done by Sofia in the factory of Carpi. The equipment and machinery used represent the best technology in the industry can currently offer.
The great flexibility of the production capacity is one of the peculiar characteristics of the company that is able to make from 2000 to 3000 garments every day, serving as ideal partner for both small and for the large company. The rationalization of the production structure and the professional skills of operators allow Sofia to reconcile the achievement of quality standards with elevating the need for cost containment.

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